A Cup of Silver Linings

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This is the second in a magical series set in North Carolina outside of Asheville. It’s sweet and delightful and the perfect amount of magical realism for my taste.

The Dove Sisters have powers around tea and books (two of my favorite things)! The books are each about someone else in town needing them while also sharing so much about the Dove Sisters.

The mother/daughter relationships in the story were so well written. Also the sisters and friends!! Can’t wait for the next installment!!

“We can’t always fix what we break. Sometimes we just have to accept the consequences and let time heal things as well as it can.”



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I’ve had this on hold forever and then put off listening for some reason … I’m glad I started it Friday when I had a few hours in the car because it was fantastic!

I love reading books that give an insight into how the crew and pilot operate on a plane. I really appreciate the extra information about flight crews and this book delivered.

It also reminded me about how important flight attendants are to the safety of the airplane. Giving drinks is their side job so we don’t all get bored waiting for a safety issue to happen that honestly, we don’t never happen.

Which means that us passengers need to treat the flight attendants as the pilot’s representative in the main cabin as they are. The author writes that their six weeks of training included ONE day on service!!

Really loved this book. Heads up it’s about a terrorist taking over a plane, so if that’s not something you’re up for, take a pass.

“Navigate. Aviate. Communicate.”


Love and Other Words

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“A book you can read in a day” is one of my favorite genres. And two good ones in a row!!

Macy and Elliot met when they were 13 and promptly fell in love, but wouldn’t admit it until years later. Now, after 11 years apart, he shows up at a random coffee shop. And the world shifts on its axis. Everything changes.

It’s a delightful read about first loves that last. The dialogue is fantastic. The dad is just perfect.

“When we love, we love for good.”


To Sir, With Love

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“You’ve Got Mail” retellings are my favorite kind of retellings!! This one involved a champagne store, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a dating app.

It was lovely. It was a great airplane ride home slash waiting for laundry to get done read.

There’s nothing not to love!!

“Not the life I imagined, but it is a good life. And I’d be lying if I didn’t take a lot of pride in what I think of as my personal superpower: the ability to accept and embrace things as they are, not as I wish they could be.”


Eight Perfect Murders

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I need to read more thrillers like this one. A book about murders that are based on a series of fiction murders than end up being about another book of murders.

Make sense?

It’s a memoir, but fiction. And the author reveals different portions throughout about what really happened. It’s fascinating.

“We never get the whole truth, not from anybody. When we first meet someone, before words are ever spoken, there are already lies and half-truths.”


The Bookshop by the Sea

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This is a sweet delight. I’ve forgotten how much I love Denise Hunter!! The audio was good, but had to listen at 1.25x because the narrator was a bit slow speaking.

Sophie gives and gives, but when it comes time for people to serve her, it’s her neighbors and ex, Aiden, who step up rather than her family.

I found myself yelling at her family, but I loved this story. Also there’s an epilogue which is one of my favorite things in a romance novel!!

I love how books can transport you to another place. You get caught up in the character’s lives, and they become your friends.


The Madness of Crowds

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Reading the latest Louise Penny has become the best fall tradition. I’m so glad a friend introduced me to this series, that unfortunate for you if you’ve never read MUST be read in order. There are story lines that span multiple books.

More than a murder mystery, it’s about human nature. This installment is in a post-pandemic world with a few liberties taken. At least I hope. I want nothing of what happened when Armand walked into the nursing home or Abigail’s study to exist in the real world.

When I read the first chapter and saw this was a post-pandemic book I almost abandoned it and this series I’ve invested so much in on the spot. I still don’t think I’m ready to read Covid-19 books but I trust Louise Penny and I’m glad I kept reading.

Who is Chief Inspector Armand Gamache? “While not classically handsome, there was something compelling about him.”


Maybe In Another Life

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This month’s book club choice was so good. It’s two simultaneous timelines for Hannah’s life based on a choice she made her first night out in Los Angeles. I thought it would be hard on audio, but it was perfect. (The narrator was a tad bit of a slow speaker so I had to speed her up to 1.25x.)

It got me thinking about choices and inevitability. Some characters show up no matter what but their role is different in each timeline. Somethings happened no matter what. It was an interesting read. I do think I needed to write a timeline and then cross reference items from each timeline.

“Sometimes I worry I’ll never find a place to call home.”


Incense and Sensibility

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Sonali is a master at Jane Austen retellings. This story was just delightful and I wish Yash was on my ballot for governor.

India and Yash are drawn to one another and they’ve spent the last decade ignoring it, settling for less for the greater good. But maybe you really can have it all.

“The added bonus of not needing to expend energy on a relationship had meant undistracted focus on their work for both of them. Sure, it was unromantic, but romance hardly got things done.”


The Key to Happily Ever After

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I ran out of books to read so I started looking through all available books from the publisher of Shipped because I liked it so much. This was available and had a great cover so it won! Also it was immediately available.

It’s the tale of three sisters who just inherit true family wedding business. There’s a lot of learning and a ton of love (between them and their guys) which was just delightful.

Trigger warning, there’s a bit of an emotional abuse subplot that’s treated well but exists.

Also I’ve got her next book on my shelf so it’ll be in my hands soon!!

“History didn’t have to replay itself in its entirety. History sometimes came back in snippets to teach the same old lessons foolish people didn’t learn the first time around.”