Funny You Should Ask

What I read: Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman

Why I picked it up: I liked the cover when I saw it on the new release shelf at the library.

How I read it: On paper in three sittings.

What it’s about: Chani is invited to do a follow up on her viral article from ten years ago. The original launched her writing career, but it has always been clouded by one question, “what really happened that weekend?” Now she gets a bit of a do-over, but so does Gabe. He’s different now, less Hollywood, more himself.

What I liked: There’s this bookstore in Montana called “Cozy” that I really wanted more of. He gave her the perfect day there.

What I disliked: The double standard for men and women in Hollywood is on full display here. Everyone thinks she slept with him to advance her career, and no one believes her when she tells the truth: nothing happened. They just smile, nod, and judge her forever.

Genre: Multiple timelines, celebrity, writing, open door.

Rating & Recommendation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and I think it’s worth a read. Heads up for an open door scene at the end.