On Rue Tatin

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Lisa chose this as our buddy read for this month from the recommendation of Claire, a woman we both follow online. It’s sweet and delightful.

Susan spends a semester in France and falls in love with the country. She and her husband intend to go back for a year and stay a good long while! The book is the story of her and for all things French.

It’s filled with recipes which sound amazing, I marked a few I’d definitely try. The timeline hops all over the place as the book is arranged more thematically than chronologically.

It was also published 20 years years ago and describes her life there in the mid-80s and early 90s. I appreciated finding a book that seems to bear the test of time!

“The other day while I was walking home from taking Joe to school – a 10 minute trip each way through the center of Louviers – I became completely lost in the sky. It was a mosaic of mottled gray with pockets of pale blue, shadows of rose, pillows of billowy white, wavy edges of what I have to call yellow but was really simply pure, almost liquid, light. It was a sky that demands attention – once I started looking at it I couldn’t look away. If fascinated me as I tried to figure out how to describe it, what to call its colors.“


A Taste of Sage

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This looked right up my alley when I noticed it on the Libby homepage last night. A love story involving two chefs who make delicious food? Yes, Please. It was alright. Super quick read, maybe less than 4 hours – a little open door, but the most interesting part was her mother.

We didn’t hear from her much, but her experience with her husband shaped Lumi’s relationships. Her mother told her that nothing good could come from men and marriage. Even more, that they were the key to sadness and a terrible life. This hardship her mother bore in her marriage became the foundation for how Lumi interacted with men. It’s a good reminder about how much is ‘caught’ by children.

There was also an element of magical realism in the story. Lumi was able to taste the emotions of the person who made her food when she partook. Happy, sad, jealous, angry, envious. This ‘power’ almost killed her.

“Well … what can I say? To my mother, good men are like ghosts: everyone swears they’re out there, but nobody can substantiate having encountered one.”


138: Voracious

Voracious by Cara Nicoletti

Part memoir, part blog posts, part cook book, wholly delightful. I’m not sure how this got on my hold list, and I almost DNF’d it at the 40% mark, but when I’ve made it that far in a book that’s only a 3 hour read, I feel committed.

I saved a few recipes, learned was ‘leaf lard’ is, and a new way to start pastry for biscuits and pie crusts. So all in all, a pretty successful read.

Cara gives a recipe for many of her favorite (or most influential) reads. They’re delightful, but not as intriguing as I thought it would be. All in all a fun read.


76: Delicious!

Delicious! By Ruth Reichl

I don’t know what made me look up Ruth’s books on Libby the other day, but I did and noticed that she had a work of fiction I’d never read (or even heard of). I downloaded it and immediately texted my sister-in-law asking if she wanted to buddy read it with me. She said yes, then started it before I managed to.

It’s delightfully delicious. I know you shouldn’t use a word to define itself, but the adjective defines this book by the same title. Billie (also Willie in the book) goes to NYC to find herself. And find herself she does. I laughed, I teared up, I gasped out loud, I helped solve a mystery, I got hungry, I longed to travel, and much more.

If I made a top ten list of books I’ve read in a year, this would make the 2020 list. Go get it, you won’t be disappointed (unless of course you hate good food, then this book isn’t for you)!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Meal Delivery Food Services: Hungryroot

I saw Hungryroot on Instagram and thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did, but one box was enough. The foot was ‘super healthy’ but not really all that good. I learned what Kolrabi noodles were and cooked them, but didn’t like them.

This is what came in my box – the medium sized one!

The black bean brownie batter was a DELIGHT! Also the Spinach Garlic Sausage and the Hot Salmon were both delicious too. Plantain Linguini is alright … a little chewy. I’ve had cauliflower rice a hundred times, so that wasn’t anything new. And those flatbread things were okay – but Sprouted Wheat isn’t on my “must eat list.”

This was my first meal:

Also my first time cooking butternut squash noodles (above), but the sauce they recommended with them wasn’t all that good. It was a chickpea pesto.

The best thing was this:

Why has no one else packaged almond butter in a squeeze bag? I mean, it makes it so much easier to mix (note all of those marks in the package) and squeeze!!

In the end, I only ate the sauces for one serving and ended up throwing some things away because they just were not for me.