Some Quick Takes about Me

I discovered a new podcast and then thought, “I haven’t actually written about me and my life on my blog in a while, these people must be clambering for an update.”

So here goes … quick takes style.

1. I discovered a brand new to me podcast and I’m half-way through the 3rd episode (it’s 7:27pm and I started at 5:30pm). It’s called A Single Serving Podcast by one of my favorite writers on the internet regarding single life.

Shani has such a delightful outlook on the single life and today’s favorite was about Being Single and Shame … stop shaming single women because their single – I know you aren’t doing it on purpose, but you’re doing it.

2. Even sharing about this with other single people is hard because they come back and say “well I don’t experience that.” It’s fine that you don’t experience it, but it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with me because I’m feeling it. It’s not something that I have to work through before I magically met a man and he decides I’m now worthy to get married.

3. I making a tomato pie for dinner from a recipe I found in a magazine, and it’s making me super happy. I think it even looks like the cover – except my top is all tomatoes and theirs includes onions on top – they’re there, I promise!

4. I haven’t done much reading at all this week because I’ve been binge watching Poldark. It’s A-MAZ-ING … I might have texted the friend who introduced me to the series “I AM SO MAD AT ROSS RIGHT NOW!!!” Even with that anger, I think you should all start watching! Ross, the main man, comes home to Britain from the American Revolution after being missing for 2 years to his girl 2 weeks away from marrying his cousin and his father is dead. Now we see how he adapts to the new life that he never expected.

5. My tomato pie is done and it’s a little ‘explosive’! But it still looks and smells amazing!

6. I think I’m going to paint the inside of my front door this pink/fuchsia color just because.

I’m not allowed to paint the outside, but there are no rules about the inside, so I’m just going to live it up.

7. I also might ask Lowe’s if they have a kitchen sink installation person who can come give me a new kitchen sink because my garbage disposal can get a little gross and the back of the sink is coming apart a little bit.

Seriously y’all, that’s a little gross … and it’s as ‘clean’ as it gets!

Well, that’s about it y’all. Off to watch the series 2 finale of Poldark and then read the book I’m still only 75 pages into called The Farm which is excellent, just not more exciting that Poldark. I tell you about it when I finish!

7QT on Common Sense


If you know me in real life, then you know I can be particular some times. Okay, a lot of the time, but I’m trying to work on it and not be so opinionated. However, there are some things that I think everyone should already know and do.

1. When it’s raining or foggy, you should drive with your headlights on! Actually if your wipers are on, your lights should be on, that’s the actual law. I’m wondering why cars don’t automatically do that, actually… Anyway, it makes life so much better when your lights are on when it’s foggy and raining, so just do it already!

2. The toilet seat … now in your house you might have different rules, but in my house we leave the lid down all of the time, well, because I learned about it on Bones. And it’s nicer to walk into a bathroom when the seat it down.

3. How to use “Reply All”? There is a time and place for this. It is not for congratulating one person who gets a promotion or to comment on the fridge being cleaned out at work. It is for collaborating on a project when all people who are involved are on the email chain, for instance a family vacation where we’re trying to secure a place to stay that we’ll all like! So “reply all” responsibly!

4. Overflows in the microwave and anywhere in the kitchen are best cleaned up when they happen. That seems like something my college self didn’t know, but this homeowner self does. If it overflows, get a sponge and clean it up, don’t leave it for someone else.

5. Same thing with toilet paper … just replace the roll already if you finish it! Paper over or under, just paper on the roll! If you’re a guest, just tell your host, “the TP seems to be out in your bathroom.”

6. Ten Items or Less means, have less than ten items in your cart! There is only one exception to this rule – if you go to the store and ALL registers are marked 10 items or less, and none are for “full service” you can go to one. That has actually happened to me at my local Food Lion before, weird, but true.

7. Put your cart away. There are no excuses to this. It’s really just lazy, inconvenient for everyone else, and also potentially dangerous for the everyone who drives into the parking lot. If you’re hands are full with kiddos, ask for help or park near a cart return. If it’s raining, even more important because people are crazy drivers in the rain and carts all over the parking lot don’t make that easier. In the last two weeks, I’ve been asked three times “Can we help you out with that ma’am?” … there’s always someone to help if you need it, don’t be afraid to ask!

Wrote this before I saw Kelly took December off and doesn’t seem to be doing quick takes, but you can check out previous ones here if you need more reading material this cold Friday!

7 Quick Things I Could Do With $4,495


1. I could buy 3,250 copies of one of my favorite books from this year to share with my parish at Christmas. We wouldn’t even need that many copies! Dynamic Catholic offers an amazing deal to help change the Church with their $1 Parish Book Program (see details). How life changing could this be?


2. I could fly to Portugal for my birthday, round-trip, 6 times! SIX TIMES! How amazing would just one trip be?


2. I could go on 9 $500 weekend trips in 2018 to places like Montana, the Beach, Main, Wyoming, Denver, the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Chicago, and Texas! How much fun would that be?


4. I could add some serious money to my retirement fund. Not as exciting or life changing as those other items, but now $26,000 when I’m ready to retire at a modest rate. That’s probably a year of living expenses!


5. I could (& already did this year) buy a brand new A/C unit. How “cooling” is that?


6. I could pay off my last student loan and still have money left over. How amazing to my monthly budget would that extra $400 be?


7. I could buy an entire new wardrobe! This one I could really use as in the last ten months I’ve lost twice that in pounds (that’s 20, btw). How fashionable would that be?


Why am I contemplating what to do with $4,495? Because this week I was told I could pay that amount to a matchmaker for a few first dates. I have it in my savings account, but is that how I should be spending more than half of my emergency fund? Um, no. I couldn’t. It would be so irresponsible and goes against everything I believe about money. So I’m dreaming up the amazing things I could do with that money and maybe I’ll do a few of those in 2018!

Linking up with Kelly and the gang today! Check out more SQT over there!

Control … I Want It!

I’ve been thinking a lot about control lately. How much I want to have it in conjunction with how few things are actually in my control. I don’t know about you, but this is a huge point of contention for me in prayer. I want certain things in my life, I don’t want to have to wait another 10 years or even 5 years to be married and have a family. I wrote about this a few weeks ago when I was trying to love my crazy life rather than fight against myself (check it out).

It’s come up even more this week though with work and life and Lent. That’s really the sticking point for me now. Lent 2016.

There are so many things I cannot control in my life. My metabolism, my family, friends, boys, my parish, plus a million and one other things. So I’m trying to discipline the things that I do have control over so I can more easily embrace the things I don’t have control over.

  1. I can control what I put into my body and whether I exercise every day or not. I can do something about my health and about my attitude concerning health. This is going well … I just need to keep my perspective.
  2. I can control whether I practice the piano every day – not whether I am naturally talented or not. I get so much joy from playing the piano – I can’t believe I let it sit there in my living room collecting dust. Well, no longer!
  3. I can control whether I schedule Daily Mass into my calendar or not. Although life does get busy – and sometimes my day over takes me, I don’t work in an emergency room whether things are life and death – I can take an hour to drive to Mass, be with Jesus, and drive home – and still eat lunch.
  4. I can control my attitude regarding my single state in life. I cannot control whether this boy wants to date me or that one wants to just talk on the phone or this one wants whatever… I can check my attitude and give it over to the Lord and ask him to “Let me what what He wants for me.”
  5. I can control how I interact and relate to my family. I cannot control whether they speak to one another or not. I cannot fight their battles for them, but I can offer it up in prayer and ask the Holy Family to make my family holy.
  6. I can control whether I do a phone block every day to follow up on incoming leads and new prospects. I can control whether I follow up with customers and do what I say I will do. I cannot control whether they buy from me. I can improve my selling skills – I cannot force people to buy from me.
  7. I can control my attitude, my responses, my reactions, and my actions. I cannot control my feelings, other people’s reactions or actions. 

** update ** as I’m reading past blog posts, past Katie wrote about this before… will she ever learn to trust her Guardian Angel? (Oct 2014) **

All of the things I cannot control I need to let go. I need to give up to the Lord – the only being who has this whole world in his mind all of the time. I can only do what I can do – and that is all I can do. I cannot control the world.

That’s a hard statement for this Type A perfectionist to wrap her mind around, but I’m doing it one small discipline at a time this Lent and hopefully will be closer to the Lord because of it by Easter.

After typing, realizing there are 7 things I can control – so linking up with all the bloggers here.

7 Quick Takes Friday, May 15th

Wow readers it has been quite a while since I’ve written anything at all and the last thing I wrote was just a bunch of pictures so that hardly counts – but you seem to be coming back day after day to read what I wrote. I’m back … for now, I can’t make any serious commitments. I want to, but I can’t. Instead of boring you with a first I did this, then I did that sort of quick takes, I’m going to relay the things that I’ve learned in the last 3 weeks. The last time I wrote was my last day on the job as Office Manager. So I’ve learned lots of things these past three weeks at my new job.

The most glaring thing is that I don’t think I handle stress as well as I thought I did. Not that I experience it all that often, I’m very blessed that I don’t really get easily stressed out (not in the past few years anyway). It usually manifests itself with being really tired, but not getting enough sleep. But these past few weeks I’ve had some neck pain and some issues with my tooth (which are not entirely resolved – prayers would be most appreciated). Although there are underlying issues, I think they were exacerbated by stress. I won’t go into everything that happened, but a lot of personal learning experienced coupled with beginning a new job. I learned that I have to make sure that I’m doing stress relieving activities. So I took up running again. After my break up with running back in August – we are back to together. Starting slowly – just getting to know each other again. I’ve committed to running a 5K at the end of the summer with a friend, so now just to train. I’m three days/1 week into the Couch to 5K training app (my favorite running app).

I learned that I can actually sell things. This was a concern of mine with my new job – but I made a few sales this week and now my daily numbers no longer read 0-0-0! So that’s pretty exciting!

I learned that I really enjoy living alone. I’ve been working from home these past two weeks and I’m loving it. I like being able to go downstairs and grab a cup of tea, using the stove to boil the water rather than the microwave. I also learned that I like tea with water that was boiled on the stove rather than made hot in the microwave – I don’t understand why there’s a difference, but there is. I also like being able to take a break mid morning to make breakfast. It’s been quite lovely.

I learned that I have the best friends. They listen to me when I just need to ‘word vomit’ all over them with problems or issues that are happening. I’m so grateful for MG and her ability to be a sounding board without judgement and then provide me with good advice. All of my friends have been so great these past few weeks listening and just being ‘great friends’ … I hope I am the same for them.

I learned that I love being a parishioner at a parish. This is the most fantastic thing in the world – all of you fellow parishioners don’t know how great you’ve got it! On May 3rd – my first Sunday at the parish after leaving (the previous weekend I had been away on retreat with the teens and then the entire week I was in Indiana) – I was having a doughnut with a friend and her family when someone came up to tell me how the urinal just wouldn’t stop running and that there was an issue. I politely replied with “I don’t work here anymore, I’m sorry but I cannot help you with that issue. The new office manager is actually over there, you can take the issue to him.” SO freeing!!!

I also learned that not all parishes have automatic answering machines that go on in the evening! When I was in Indiana I wanted to go to daily Mass and one of the parishes didn’t have their Mass times on their website so I just decided I would call. Surely they had them listed on their phone message. They might, but I don’t know because when I called at 11:30pm Father Drew answered! I was so embarrassed. I had to make sure I went to the parish the next day for Mass and sure enough, he recognized me. This is quite the valuable lesson: for me – be aware before you call a church at 11pm at night; for the church – make sure you’re websites are accurate!

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I’ll be back soon … have to catch up on my blog roll too … have over 250 unread posts!

7 Quick Takes Friday … April 24th!

Well, I promised I’d share some photos from my trip to Texas, so here we go!

This is the view from my Aunt’s porch. As soon as we got to the house on Tuesday, I had to sit outside and take in the view. I remember it being amazing, but it was even more incredible than I recalled! We spent a lot of time out here on the porch! 

The fire and the View!

One day we went into San Antonio to the Aquarium (not amazing), the oldest cathedral in Texas (beautiful), the riverwalk (lovely), and dinner at the Tower of Americas (delicious)!

cute little sea horsies
Just amazing – they have confession every day
all day long! How cool!
The view at dinner – from 63 stories up!
Celebrating my birthday with Aunt Char & Uncle Joe

Another day we took a drive to see the wildflowers. It was like they bloomed just for me! They said it’s been a few years since they’ve been so beautiful – and this year did not disappoint. It was a day of incredible views!! Here’s just a quick sampling of all of the amazing flower photos – I couldn’t get enough!!

We also stopped at Enchanted Rock. We were going to hike, but the morning was rainy and then we didn’t have enough time. It was so amazing though. How incredible that God put this granite rock in the middle of Texas and you can climb it! Also, only about 1% of the rock is even above the ground – the rest is hidden beneath the surface!

On Saturday two of my cousins came up to the house to visit and we sat on the porch after dinner with the sunset and a drink I’ve been waiting my entire life to try. I have this memory of my grandmother making pink squirrels when I was a kid, but I never got to try them. My cousin made them for me that evening as an after dinner dessert (and it is sweet) drink. Quite delicious and a great memory!

vanilla ice cream, creme de almond, creme de cocao

Before we left on Sunday I made everyone take a photo with me – just in case it’s another 7 years before I’m able to come back!

Blake & Joey

Stephanie & Mark

Aunt Char, my godmother

Rubi & Greg

The porch from the other side as we said goodbye to this little piece of Heaven on Sunday before heading out to the airport.

I’m so glad I was able to take a vacation and visit family who I haven’t seen in a while. A great way to celebrate the Octave of Easter!

Came back to two weeks left at my old job – and today’s my final day. Staring the new one on Monday!! Here we go!

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Also – I really want to read that book Kelly’s talking about today … need to start!
See you next week, or stop by this week for more musings and antics!

7 Quick Takes Friday … March 13th

Happy Friday the 13th to You! & Happy 30th Birthday to me! Well, I can’t say that I’m excited to turn 30, but I can say that I’m excited it’s my birthday! Yesterday we celebrated at work and our receptionist (the resident cake maker) made this for me!

It was SO delicious – Salted Caramel Latte Cake … and each bite was like having a nice warm latte in the middle of the afternoon! It’s from Annie’s Eats if you want to make it!

Earlier this week I had a small revelation in prayer that I wrote about … if you missed it check out “Simply, That’s How” with a mix of me, Papa Frank, and Therese.

I’m one post away from finishing my Latin & Me series. It’s been so good for me to reflect back on this journey as I’m turning 30. The Katie who turned 25 wouldn’t even have thought the Katie turning 30 would be who she is now. I guess that’s how it always is though, right? We cannot see into the future, we cannot know who we will become – only that we will continue to grow.

Cindy posted this article from Jason Evert in our Not Alone Series Facebook Group. It was quite interesting, particularly these paragraphs:

In the book of Tobit, the archangel Raphael declares to Tobias, regarding his future wife, “Do not be afraid, for she was destined for you from eternity. . . When Tobias heard these things, he fell in love with her and yearned deeply for her” (Tob. 6:17). 

This isn’t Hollywood; it’s the Sacred Scriptures. We know Adam was made for Eve, Sarah was destined for Tobias, Joseph was created for Mary, and so on. But how, when, and why does God choose to play the role of a heavenly match-maker? 

Obviously, only God knows the answer to this. But we know that divine providence intervenes in our lives to the extent that we make room for it. Those who walk with God often marvel at how he seems to intervene in the most providential ways in the tiniest details of life. Believers routinely speak of “divine appointments,” and other occasions where we can see God’s hand at work. (emphasis mine)

An interesting note to pray about.

Someone asked me yesterday what I was doing for my birthday – the answer? All of my favorite things! Some friends are coming over for dinner tomorrow, and I asked that they bring my favorite dish they make for dinner. I’m pretty excited! And also just excited to spend time with everyone at my place. 

Just for Fun on the 2nd Anniversary of his election … check out these great Papa Frank Memes!

From ChurchPOP

Pictures from my 29th Birthday celebrated in the Jungle of the Congo last year!

Fr. Charles after Morning Mass

Fr. Blaise after Morning Mass

Everyone sang to me at lunch

Flowers & a Candle at my place

All of the people at the house made cards mostly in French

That’s all for this week … here’s to a great beginning to my 30th year! See you later!

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7 Quick Takes Friday … March 6th

Last weekend I did a little decorating – putting up some pictures downstairs in the living room and finally hanging the amazing Congo map MG got me for Christmas. Another Wall full of a story!

The adjacent wall has a bigger story too, if I haven’t shared it with you before…

All photos and things from my trip to the Congo. The frame in the bottom right now has a photo in it as well. The fabric in the upper left is a dress that they purchased for me that will be admired more on the wall than in my closet!

I also put these curtains and frames up in the guest bedroom – which makes me SO happy whenever I walk up stairs. That side of the house looks so put together!

A happy place, rather than a drab place, for guests to hang out in while they stay.

An interesting quote from Matt Walsh I found the other day about when he and his wife finally walked into a building they didn’t know what was inside. It was a new Mega-Church – reminds me of Elevation here in Charlotte.

“Eventually, our curiosity got the best of us and we went in to investigate. The thing is, even when I was inside, it took me five minutes to figure out that it was a church. All traces of anything sacred, ancient, traditional, or reverent had been stripped away. What was left was something that plenty of people clearly found appealing, but it didn’t look Christian, or sound Christian, or feel Christian. It didn’t go to any great lengths to identify itself as a church, and that’s all for the best, I suppose. After all, there was nothing about it — aesthetically or substantively — that resembled one.” source

Hmm… reminds me of what people say whenever we are building new churches … so many people want it just to be plain and simple so we don’t waste money on all of those ‘frivilous things’ like statues, paintings, chalices, etc…

They are necessary – primarily because they are beautiful. They need no other reason to be there.

A great quote from a great Katherine saint this week:

God’s will–peacefully do at each moment what at that moment ought to be done.
– Saint Katharine Drexel (1858-1955), Feast day March 3

I saw this in an article earlier this week and thing it speaks well of the situation at hand in the Church.

We have eliminated almost every strenuous practice of self-denial from the common life of the Church. All we say is that if you are chewing gum during Mass, please to move it to the left side of your jaws so as to clear a space on the right to receive the Lord at Communion.
No ascetic life, no hierarchy, no brotherhood, no risk, no battle – no priests. And then there are the supernatural concerns, about which I will have more to say next time.

Read the whole article on here. Would love to hear your thoughts.

After reading the above article, I read a bunch more of Anthony Esolen and am very interested in reading more of his work. It makes me think a lot about the fall of masculinity in our current culture and about how we seem to be offended by the fact that men and women are different. It’s okay that we’re different, it’s even great that we are. Different doesn’t mean bad, it just means different. 

Killed some time last Sunday afternoon between a baby shower and Mass in the rain by going to Lowes Home Improvement to get two things: air filters since it’s time to change mine at the house and a de-clogging tool that looks like a yellow stick with lots of thorns. Didn’t think much of it, but because I have MyLowes (which is SUPER useful if you have a house because I couldn’t remember which filters I purchased last time and it was right there on the internet on my phone!) today I get an email with this … suggestions for me for future purchase

My house requires 20x14x1 filters – so I purchased them – in this brand. Now if MyLowes was SMART, then it would have recommended a different brand to me, causing me to spend a few more bucks – these are literally the 2nd cheapest ones you can purchase. BUT no, in order to get NO more of my business in this area, they are recommending I purchase filters that are the wrong size … I purchase these all I do is waste money or return them. No one wins here Lowes, no one!

This week’s Latin & Me post is about music, the hardest one to write since it’s such a point of contention around these parts and all parts of the Church. Check it out, if you’re interested … no pressure, of course!

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7 Quick Takes Friday … February 27th

This has been the uneventful eventful week. Why you ask? Well yesterday was a snow day (and I still didn’t write my quick takes or even work on the future weeks of the Latin & Me series, ugh! So it was eventful in the morning to make the declaration that there would be no events that day. I type that out and it’s so ridiculous I should probably delete, but I won’t because I don’t have too much to say on this chilly, snow free morning!

Another installment of my journey toward the more traditional roots of the Church published yesterday. I wrote about how I started receiving communion kneeling rather than standing. One of the comments was that the EMCs at her parish have a really hard time giving communion on the tongue and are even sometimes confused. I can definitely relate. This is why, whenever possible, I try to get in the line for the priest. They seem to be the only ones who can get it right all of the time! No offense to anyone who is an EMC, I am – and I even have a hard time and almost always prefer to distribute in the hand.

I spent yesterday morning watching Season 6 of White Collar. I found it on Amazon Instant Video and had some free credit from when I installed a Health App on my phone that I never use, so I bought the season. It was crazy – and I don’t want to spoil anything if you are a fan and haven’t seen the final season – but it is good!


This week the NAS ladies and I wrote about Travelling alone. It was a fun post to write, although I think I had a different outlook than a few of the ladies. Three years ago I’m not sure I would have said to travel across continents alone, but now, since I’ve been to the jungle of the Congo on my own and came back alive, I have some different thoughts!

Did you have this rule when you were a kid? “If you’re too sick to go to school, you’re too sick to do anything else today.” I did – and now it’s creeping into my life as an adult in weird ways. Yesterday with all of the snow (the two inches rather than the 7 inches that was predicted), we had a snow day. The morning Mass was cancelled, but the 12:15pm Mass was not. The roads didn’t look too bad by 11:45 and I was considering showering and going to Mass, but I thought, “if I can get there now to go to Mass, why are we off work?” I would have felt so guilty for going home afterward and having to explain why I wasn’t there that I decided to stay home! Age old guilt! 

A bunch of us at Church are starting up a new social group for people in the 20s and 30s. Tonight is the kick-off event for Aquinas’ Finest. Praying it goes super well!!!

Tomorrow MG and I are going to use some complimentary tickets a woman randomly handed me on Sunday for the Home and Garden Show. Maybe I’ll get some great ideas for house decorations!

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7 Quick Takes Friday … February 20th

Well I missed the link-up with the Not Alone Series Gals this week, so I’m going to write about my Spiritual Reading books for my Quick Takes and make this a Double Take!

Prompt: What are some of your favorite or go-to books, devotionals or even blogs that help encourage you in your spiritual life?

I don’t know how great I’ll be at giving suggestions, but I do have a few in my mind to share about, so here goes nothing…

I’ve written about this book before, but in recent memory it’s been very helpful. Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence.

The author discusses suffering a lot and how we get to where we are in the Spiritual Life. Some areas are a lot to take in, that all things are necessary and desired by God for our good. That’s hard to handle a bit when we are thinking about bad things that happen to us. Overall the Lord wills the good in our life – the good that will get us to Heaven to be with Him for eternal life! Oh, and it’s also just 99 cents on Kindle! A steal!

I spent almost a year reading this book when my friend Elisabeth gave it to me for a bday/Christmas present a few years back. St. Therese of Lisieux’ The Story of a Soul is a beautiful story of her life. The amazing things that she went through, how she lived, the faith of her father, the encouragement of her sisters – all of this for a little soul so was just striving to get closer to Jesus and be with him forever. I think of her a lot when little things about people begin to annoy me.

I’m now reading this spiritual memoir about her book and so far, just two chapters in, it’s good. A great reminder of the highlights of Therese’s book!

I pretty much love reading anything about this particular Therese – she’s one of my favorites!

Last year a friend and I read through this retreat book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus. A few years back at my former parish, I went to a retreat led by him and it was a lovely weekend. He uses a lot of Therese’s theology and the Divine Mercy to walk us through a spiritual journey.

It is great for a weekend, a week, or a few months. I do recommend reading it with a friend so you can have great discussion!

This little book is my absolute favorite novena. The 54 Day Rosary Novena is a beautiful. The reflections for each of the mysteries provide much food for thought and keep my mind on track throughout the praying of the Rosary.
If you’ve never done it before, it’s 27 days of Petition followed by 27 days of Thanksgiving. A powerful novena!

Last year a few of us from the Not Alone Series Facebook group read this book together. I have been reading Jennifer’s blog, Conversion Diary, for years and was happy to read her spiritual journey. Since I have never experienced life as an atheist, I was happy to walk along with her journey toward the Church and learn a few new ways of thought as I went along!

The title of Something Other than God reminds me about how we are all searching … and desperately hoping that something besides God will fill that hole in our hearts and lives.

My last Spiritual book is a comment on my Lenten Practice – beginning a year long process to read the entire Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church. I’m two days in, ie: Genesis 1&2, Psalm 1&2, Matthew 1, CCC Intro through 10. Seems like it’s going to take a while to get there, but I guess that’s why there are 363 more days to the plan! If you want to join in – this is the reading plan I’m using!

See you next week for more quick takes and another installment in the Not Alone Series – oh, and part 3 of my Latin & Me journey!

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