The Bone Code

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I saw this on the new releases shelf and thought it’d be great for my month of thrillers, mysteries, and murder. I read one of the series years ago when I first discovered Bones but couldn’t get into it. Since I’m in the process of rewatching Bones, I thought I’d try again.

It was great, not so amazing I’m going after the series. It’s good to know you can get into it anywhere, while there are character plots, the forensics really are the main point of the book. As Brennan says in the show, “that character stuff is just to denote the passage of time.” And in the book it really is.

A recent case reminds Brennan of an unsolved case from years ago. She wonders how they are connected or if they are. I learned a lot about vaccines and genealogy and DNA testing.

“It can’t be. It was déjà vu. A rainbow déjà vu.”


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