Heartbreak for Hire

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I stayed up way too late reading this book I didn’t really like all that much.

Brinkley had it all going for her except she was dating a guy who thought little of her. They call him an Ego in the book but I think it was a narcissist and borderline emotionally abusive. There was a public breakup and this woman Margo finds her and invites Brinkley to work at her company Heartbreaks for Hire. A group of four woman who will take that man who had too big of an Ego, Cheated, was a Player, or a Grifter.

One of her targets becomes her coworker, but they’re both using each other while they fall in love. It’s a case of everyone doing what they think others expect of them, not what would make them happy. Also Margo believes giving Brinkley this job will help her get over Aiden, but what she needs is therapy, not revenge. I very much disliked the Margo character. I thought she was more “master manipulator” than friend or boss.

“I handled the Egos, men in the workplace who needed to be taken down a notch, and I was generally hired by women who knew them in a professional level and hated them with the scorching rage of a thousand suns.”


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