The Madness of Crowds

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Reading the latest Louise Penny has become the best fall tradition. I’m so glad a friend introduced me to this series, that unfortunate for you if you’ve never read MUST be read in order. There are story lines that span multiple books.

More than a murder mystery, it’s about human nature. This installment is in a post-pandemic world with a few liberties taken. At least I hope. I want nothing of what happened when Armand walked into the nursing home or Abigail’s study to exist in the real world.

When I read the first chapter and saw this was a post-pandemic book I almost abandoned it and this series I’ve invested so much in on the spot. I still don’t think I’m ready to read Covid-19 books but I trust Louise Penny and I’m glad I kept reading.

Who is Chief Inspector Armand Gamache? “While not classically handsome, there was something compelling about him.”


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