Not That Kind of Guy

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When I walked in to the library to pick up some holds, they had a set of three books labeled “rom com” on the shelf as you walked in. Knowing this is my go-to pick for delightful reads, I picked them up for my trip this week. I’m gone ten days with just a few meetings, so I’ll have some time to read – and I can’t resist having a physical book.

This was sweet – not amazing, but find to continue reading. There were a few too many misunderstandings that kept breaking them up. If I’ve learned anything from reading romance novels it’s these two things: First, more often than not people are not being intentionally harmful to you – let them explain what’s going on rather than jump to conclusions – then believe them. Second, speak up for yourself and tell the truth about what’s going on with you.

There was this underlying Catholic story in the book that wasn’t quite a delight. I’m not sure how I feel about it – but it was odd enough that I don’t know that I recommend this book if misportrayal of the Church is a trigger for you. Also if the next in this series is about Father Patrick, I’ll lose my mind (not that I’m going to read more of this author any time soon).

“Matt actually made her feel less lonely than more. He made her feel more wanted than tolerated.”


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