Cheat Day

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I’m really not sure why I picked up this book. I knew it was about a woman having an affair, my least favorite storyline. Seeing marriages fall apart in real life is hard enough, I don’t want to escape into a world where I’m supposed to like the character making that choice.

But Annie Jones recommended it and made enough comments about the diet culture aspect of it that I decided to try it out. It’s well written, has a bakery and a handsome carpenter, and does provide commentary on diet culture.

But the entire time she’s not cheating on her diet she’s cheating on her husband. I get why it resolves the way it does, but I don’t like it. I give it 4 stars for structure and 1 for character/story line theme. I knew what I was getting in to, and I read it anyway. I’ll round 2.5 to 3.

It’s not the authors fault I read a book I knew I wouldn’t really like for no good reason!

“I’m getting so old, waiting for you to realize you’re good enough. Your body is a good body – you have your health, you are attractive. Our life is good enough. I’m just waiting – hoping – you’ll get a grip and quit going on every new diet. You just do it to punish yourself. For what, I don’t know.”


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