Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

What a delight! Such great character formation and “finding oneself” as Quinn graduates from high school. She writes everything in lists in a journal she’s never without – until it’s lost and in the hands of someone who hates her.

Her secrets exposed – but if that didn’t happen, she wouldn’t have learned about how brave she is – so good come from evil. I loved reading about her journey, seeing her and Carter together, having her find a new friend in Olivia.

This is also a story about race, and what it’s like to be Black in Austin, when almost everyone around you is white. Not an experience I know – so getting into the head of this young woman was delightful. I loved reading her story, understanding a little more of a worldview I’ve never had. Highly recommend!

“Figure out what you want to do in life, Quinn. Pick a major. Pick an apartment. This undecided mess is just a luxury only rich white boys can afford. You are not that. You have to be better than that if you want to compete.”


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