How to Walk Away

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This is a re-read for me, and such a delight. We’re reading it this month for book club with something extra special for our meeting (hint: it’s a special guest). It’s just a little bit a love story – mostly it’s the story of the best day of Margaret’s life also being the worst day of her life.

She’s always been afraid of flying, preparing for a crash each time she was in the air – until the one day it actually happened. While in the air she got everything she’s ever wanted, and then a few minutes later, one gust of wind took it all away.

This book illustrates to me what happens in the midst of a tragedy – our true selves come out. Chip showed his true colors, so did his mom – surprise, they weren’t the heroes of the story. Kit also showed her true colors – and they’re pretty beautiful!

“I would forever be someone who made people uncomfortable.”


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