The Kate in Between

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Just brilliant!! Kate is someone you’re rooting for and want to win, but she makes a lot of bad decisions that your screaming at her for. She’s a typical 12 year old trying to figure out how to navigate life. She makes mistakes. She doesn’t understand long term consequences. She gets hurt, and so do her friends.

A page turner … also her dad! I want to know him in real life, maybe go in a few dates with. Do you always love the parents when you’re reading middle grade fiction? I mean, he’s the one closer to my age (but still a decade younger!).

But HER MOM! Ugh. A woman in her late twenties struggling through life trying to find her way. She doesn’t. Claire could write both the mom and dad’s story (separate obviously, they don’t belong together). I’d read that follow up!

“This is a story of good vs. evil, of expectations vs. reality, of cell phones vs. your own two eyes. If you feel like I already gave away the ending, don’t be upset. Surprises are great. Except for when they’re not.”


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