Good Neighbors

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Let’s start with the title. These people are NOT good neighbors. Unless what you need in a neighbor is someone who is willing to follow the mob and do some crazy sh*t.

A crazy woman (could be called clinically insane) created a false story (that even she believed) and destroyed other people’s lives. I’m not exaggerating at all.

The writing is great. The structure is good (a mix of current day, multiple viewpoints, and future newspaper articles). The story is INSANE.

I’m so irritated at Rhea for what she did to Arlo, Shelly, Gertie, Fitz, Fitz Jr, Ella, Julia, Larry … and the world when this crazy reporter got it in her head that Rhea was right about everything.

She wasn’t. She was crazy. She made everything up. Not really a spoiler, the insanity starts in the first few chapters!!

“These people are the kind you leave behind. Take the high road.” (If only they had taken that advice earlier)


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