On Rue Tatin

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Lisa chose this as our buddy read for this month from the recommendation of Claire, a woman we both follow online. It’s sweet and delightful.

Susan spends a semester in France and falls in love with the country. She and her husband intend to go back for a year and stay a good long while! The book is the story of her and for all things French.

It’s filled with recipes which sound amazing, I marked a few I’d definitely try. The timeline hops all over the place as the book is arranged more thematically than chronologically.

It was also published 20 years years ago and describes her life there in the mid-80s and early 90s. I appreciated finding a book that seems to bear the test of time!

“The other day while I was walking home from taking Joe to school – a 10 minute trip each way through the center of Louviers – I became completely lost in the sky. It was a mosaic of mottled gray with pockets of pale blue, shadows of rose, pillows of billowy white, wavy edges of what I have to call yellow but was really simply pure, almost liquid, light. It was a sky that demands attention – once I started looking at it I couldn’t look away. If fascinated me as I tried to figure out how to describe it, what to call its colors.“


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