They Never Learn

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This was one of the favorites of a recent guest on What Should I Read Next and I couldn’t put it on hold fast enough after she described it. It’s the story of a serial killer. And you’re on her side.

I can’t even believe I wrote that … but I really am. There are two interweaving timelines of Scarlett and Carly. The story opens with a kill, so that’s not a spoiler – but the way it ends is surprising. And satisfying.

Except for all the hunting and killing of people … something I’m only okay reading about in fiction.

“It’s risky for me to be here. I know that. I could’ve left the tainted drink in the fridge for him and slipped away while he was still out running. But the truth is, I enjoy this too much to miss it. It’s my reward for all the hard work.”


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