The Cul-de-Sac Wars

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This was a delight. The best kind of love story. One that makes you laugh out loud and then cry your eyes out in the next chapter. Also the kind of story in after: meet, get to know, engaged, married, then move in.

Chip and Bree are a delight! Her friend Cassie from The Dating Charade shows up too which is delightful although this isn’t a sequel to that book.

The only reason I’m not giving it 5⭐️ is that there are some plot holes in the beginning. Sometimes authors tell you too much, and you’re like “okay I get it, move on.” Here I thought I’d missed a chapter or wasn’t paying attention in the beginning.

Some minutes later, Mrs. Lewis said, “Oh, I forgot about my young man.” There was a pause. “Your young man…,” Bree said, “whom you keep in the basement?” “Where else would I keep him?” Mrs. Lewis retorted. “You know everything keeps better in a cool, dark place.”


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