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I’ve been following Jon Acuff on and off for years. His books on business have been helpful in my desire to start and finish goals that were not business related more often than not. When his new book was just an idea, I stopped following him on Instagram because I’d just read Anne Bogel’s book on the same subject and thought “he’d never be able to do it better than her so why waste my time.”

He passes the book off as overcoming overthinking but it’s more of a thought-work/rewriting your brain method. The preorder bonuses were good so I ordered, then joined the launch team, then got an ARC to read early, then signed up for his OOC event the first week of March. Read the book in just a few hours and wrote so many notes during day 1 of the challenge (less than an hour) that I ran out of post-it’s.

It’s so good I’ll probably read the paperback then listen to the audiobook all before the middle of summer. So many practical suggestions about rewriting the soundtrack (that thought cycle you listen to all day, every day) that I can apply right away.

When a thought comes ask: Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it kind? If all three aren’t a YES then find a new thought. It takes time to rewrite your soundtracks. That time is the effort needed to live a happier life, one where you’re the biggest fan of you and all you do is root for yourself. Even if the world is crashing down and seems to be entirely against you, what help does it do for you to be against you.

You’re the narrator of your story … and if the narrator isn’t rooting for the main character then why should anyone else?

“Broken soundtracks are one of the most persuasive forms of fear because every time you listen to one it gets easier to believe it the next time. Have you ever judged an idea as too dumb to even write down? That’s a broken soundtrack. Have you ever told yourself the same story I do about why someone didn’t text you back? That’s a broken soundtrack. Have you ever felt like you have a pocket jury with you, cross-examining each new opportunity until you dare not chase it? That’s a broken soundtrack.”


Out April 6th, great preorder bonuses though!!

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