160: The Mothers

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

I read Brit’s newest release earlier this summer, The Vanishing Half, and loved it, so I knew I needed to pull her debut off my shelves and read it. It’s been sitting on a pile in my bedroom for over six months. I brought it with me to New York and picked it up two nights ago.

I read it all day yesterday and couldn’t get enough, almost staying up way too late to finish the last few pages. It’s really good – and also the story isn’t my favorite. Does that make sense? The writing is excellent. The story progresses really well. But the main theme of the story isn’t one I love to read about.

“The Mothers” are the elder women in the Church, Upper Room, who take care of things. They’re telling the story of Nadia, Aubrey, and Luke – and what happens when lying, deceit, and coverups become your life. What happens when a girl’s mother abandons her either to cruel men and drink or by leaving this world by her own choice.

Nadia and Aubrey had no one to teach them how to be a mother, so they turned to “The Mothers” at Upper Room in a way others didn’t. But these “mothers” spread gossip, promoted rumors, and were more “busy body” then anything else.


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