159: This Time Next Year

This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

Such a cute story about how two people who were born within a minute from each other find one another again on New Year’s Eve (their Birthday Eve). I really enjoyed Minnie and Quinn’s story because it wasn’t just about them. Their mother’s both get beautiful conclusions as well as her best friend and the people who worked for her at “No Hard Fillings.”

There’s a bit of timeline hopping in this book as we relive previous New Year’s Eve’s of both Minnie and Quinn – seeing where their lives intertwined and they didn’t even realize it. It was such a delight – and a holiday read – but not a Christmas read! Can’t wait to see what Sophie Cousens writes next – this was a delightful debut.

Also – I learned something about London. In the first few chapters they talk about waking up at 7:45 am on New Year’s Day, just in time to see the first sunrise of the year. I didn’t realize the sun rose so late in London during the winter. This week (shortest day of the year) it rises at 8:04 am and sets at 3:53 pm. How depressing!


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