133: A Good Neighborhood

A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler

I have so many feelings around this book, and I can’t wait to discuss them in book club two weeks from now. It’s a thought-provoking story where we clearly see a man who was foul who took advantage of another man just because he could.

This is a story centered on race. The author does a beautiful job illustrating just what happened in a way that you can see how the DA and the Media misinterpreted and also the truth of the matter. Most stories with this subject matter are exploring the opposite, if you read it, I think you’ll understand what I mean there.

She also does something interesting with the narration. It’s like the neighborhood is narrating the story throughout. In the beginning it was a little odd, but after awhile I appreciated knowing what the collective neighborhood was thinking about what was happening.

I hesitate with my star rating to say I loved this book because I couldn’t stand one of the main characters, Brad, or even his wife, or hardly the young girl, Juniper. I have a hard time liking books when I dislike so many of the main characters. But I’m trying to instead rate the merits of the writing and storytelling, which was excellent.


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