131: The Adult Chair

The Adult Chair by Michelle Chalfant

I was first introduced to this concept by my therapist a year and a half ago. I started by listening to the podcast, working not he concepts in our sessions, and trying to share it with others.

I saw that she had a book so I used some digital amazon credits that were expiring way back at the beginning of the pandemic and thought, “I’ll read this during quarantine.” Seven months later, here we are. It’s a short book – read in less than 40 minutes. Does that even count as a book? It does for me.

Michelle explains her model in simple details. It’s a book I’ll read again because it’s so easy to forget these concepts and just hang out in my Adolescent Chair. While I’m comfortable there it’s only because I know those masks so well: perfectionism, criticism, transforming myself so people will like or love me.

I’m comfortable there because that’s who people expect me to be, not who I really am. So here’s to striving to live a wholehearted life comfortably sitting in my Adult Chair.


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