129: Someone Like You

Someone Like You by Karen Kingsbury

I really love a long series (except when like 40 books are already out and I’m starting from the beginning) tied to one family or group of people. I feel like I really get to know them, understand their inner workings, and are able to grow with them.

These stand-alone titles from Karen Kingsbury surrounding her Baxter Family story-line are delightful. You can read this without having read the previous almost 40 books, but if you’ve read them the story is richer. You know more of the backstory of each character.

This was delightful because I got to see some of those Baxters again. It was also a weird story line involving a young woman who finds out she was adopted the summer after she graduates from college. It rocks her world. This is a story line I’m close to and that’s why her reaction seemed over-the-top.

I don’t think we have a healthy enough response to adoption yet in our culture. There are times when we celebrate it. There are times when we shame people because of it. It’s complicated like so many things in this world. This book left me with complicated feelings too.


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