71: Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday by Jasmin Guillory

I’m still putting off reading my book club book, but now there are no excuses left. No books on loan with a deadline and a meeting scheduled in about 72 hours. But this was such a treat!

It’s the 4th of Jasmin’s books and follows Maddie’s mom (Maddie was the main character of #3 that I finished this morning) while on holiday in London. Super sweet, lovely, and a fun Saturday read. A great way to spend about 4 hours today.

I really appreciated that it’s a story of a “not-20-something” falling in love, there are very few of them. You also get a look in to the royal family, which is sweet.

So ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for being fun, distracting, and a delight. Heads up for some open-door scenes.

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