163: Jane by the Book

Jane by the Book by Pepper Basham

Y’all know my affinity for love stories. I’ve always told myself that it’s fine, whatever’s written – but lately I’ve found some things just linger in my mind longer than others, so I need to be more diligent about the type of fiction I read.

I’m sticking with love stories – but I just love a good love story – maybe because my own seems so hopeless or nonexistent right now … so stocking up on Kindle Unlimited books for this trip (I only packed 2 physical books for my 10 day trip that has TONS of travel – already today I’ve used like 9 modes of transportation … one I didn’t catalogue in my InstaStories were the stairs I climbed … with my overfull suitcase, heavy briefcase, and backpack of wedding appropriate dresses … two books may have been too many!). … also I’ve developed a love for run-on sentences apparently (and it took me 3 tries to actually spell sentences correctly … and even then, a final auto-correct was needed).

Anyway, if you’ve read this far after that monstrosity of a paragraph … this is a sweet love story about a girl and writer who fall in love in Bath, England over a century and a half old sleuthing expedition. It was a quick read – one plane and two short train rides to gobble up the whole thing.


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