What I Read … September 2018 Edition

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It’s Fall Y’all! I love when the days get cooler and the leaves start falling! What a beautiful time of the year. This year is the first time that Charlotte began experiencing Fall on the day that fall begins, and I don’t want to go back to any other time! It’s also the month that Florence made her way to the Carolinas. I missed the whole thing as I felt out when the rain began to fall on Friday night and returned on Monday morning just after it ended. I was without power through Monday evening, but I didn’t even lose an ice cube from the freezer. So now to reading, some super funny books this month. I love a book that can make me laugh out loud – that’s my favorite genre – a serious read that gives you all the feels!

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel: This was our book club book for September and was an easy read. It’s one of my few endeavors into magical realism, and I’m not sure I liked it. For some reason I thought this was a children’s book, but it is absolutely not. It’s a little racy to be honest. I wanted to love this for the recipes, but I didn’t.

Save the Date by Morgan Matson: What a fun read! Talk about laughing out loud!! I was giggling the whole time, and could picture this as a movie. There’s a little bit of a love story, but it’s not the focus. It’s a great read that could someday become a delightful rom-com on Netflix!

The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap: A Memoir of Friendship, Community, and the Uncommon Pleasure of a Good Book by Wendy Welch: I got this recommendation on From the Front Porch and am so glad I read it. The author and her husband move to a small town, buy a beautiful big house, and turn it into a used book store. I loved reading about the behind the scenes of owning a book store. Some people have dreams of doing this on their own, but I prefer to read about it! I want to visit, but it’s miles and miles from any main road in Virginia!

I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel: SO delightful! I even got to meet Anne after reading it to talk about books. I don’t read a ton of books about reading, but that’s two in a row this month, so maybe it’s a trend! Buy this book because it’s SO beautiful!

Why the Rosary, Why Now? by Gretchen Crowe: This has been on my shelf for a few years because “I already pray the Rosary so I don’t need this book.” However, I really loved it! It’s really a collection of amazing writings from saints, bishops, priests, and popes about the promises, benefits, and amazingness of the rosary. A real delight to read for spiritual reading!

How the Light Gets In (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #9) by Louise Penny: So happy that the major subplot that’s been happening for at least 4 or 5 books. I love Armand and am looking forward to the next book that is waiting for me on my kitchen counter right now!

Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics by Fr Thomas Berg: This book was amazing. I hate saying that about a book that is about so many wounds in the church, especially with the current scandals happening in the church. I found Fr. Berg’s book to be a powerful reminder that sexual abuse is creates a profound wound for people. He also shares that it’s not the only wound. People are wounded still by the allegations coming out and by others in the church in different situations. We must be mindful of the hurt that people are encountering through the Church and Her members. This is a must read if you want to dive deeper into this issue in the Church.

How to Fall In Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush by Emmy Abrahamson: What a fun, delightful read that is actually based on a true story. Another laugh out loud story. Super sweet, no profound thoughts other than fun fiction!

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham: As I was reading this book I could only imagine the main character as Lauren Graham. I don’t know if this is semi-autobiographical or not, but her voice was all through my mind as I was reading this. A sweet, laugh out loud read (sensing a theme this month?).

Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay: A very serious thing happens in this book, but it’s filled with funny moments, a cute neighbor, and lots of amazing food! I loved laughing and crying while reading this book – which I did both while sitting on an airplane! Passed it along to a friend and she read it in just a few days too – such a delight!

Vox by Christina Dalcher: This book was intense. I got it on audio book because it’s about a dystopian world where women are limited to just 100 words a day. 100 words a day!! She challenges readers to review in just 100 words, but I’m not sure I can do that. This was so eye-opening and really made me think about the patriarchy and misogyny and male headship and life as a woman. I’m a stronger feminist after reading this, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

On Turpentine Lane by Elinor Lipman: Another fun, laugh out loud read. I love this type of fiction. A little bit love story. A little bit mystery. A little bit family drama. A little bit of a lot of good stuff!

What the Saints Never Said by Trent Horn: I heard Trent speak at our annual Eucharistic Congress and he’s good, not amazing, but good. I liked reading this book and learning more about quotes, saints, and small heresies. A good spiritual read.

Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump by Dan Pfeiffer: I’ve been listening to Pod Save America for a few months now and appreciate listening to a different perspective. I also really love reading about what happens in politics behind the scenes. The “realness” our leaders and the people who work for them fascinate me. I’m glad I read this. I found myself nodding along and also wanting to shout and say, ‘What the Heck?’

Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship by Gregory Boyle: I picked this up because of two stories that a friend shared a while ago that made me chuckle. There were many more that gave me a laugh while also helping me see the importance of the work that Homeboy Industries does in LA.

Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center: This is a fiction read, not a self-help book, but it does have a lot of great nuggets of self-help-ness. I kind of want all of my self-help books to be fiction stories from now on. I loved Helen and her wilderness adventure. Lots of funny moments (so much laughing) and a few crying times. Loved it!

Campaign Widows by Aimee Agresti: This was a fun read. Some laughing and heading nodding as I thought “maybe this is what the 2016 campaign was actually like.” Just a fun read!

My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir by Colleen Carroll Campbell: I’ve been putting off reading this book for years because of what I thought it was about. I’m sorry I was so wrong because this book was amazing! I love how it intersects feminism, faith, and figuring out how to live a life that has meaning. Colleen’s writing was just delightful, and I’m so glad I read this!

Well, that’s 18 books this month and brings my 2018 total to 153. I’m 87% to my goal of 175 books. Maybe I’ll make it to 200 books this year, only time will tell. I’ve just booked a bunch of travel so that will either be good for reading or bad, only time will tell! Catch up on previous editions of “what I read”: January, February, March, AprilMay, June, July, August,

5 thoughts on “What I Read … September 2018 Edition

  1. Wow! That is a lot of books.

    I keep debating about whether I should give Vox a try. I heard someone compare it to A Handmaid’s Tale which has been one of my least favorite books of all time so that gives me pause. I guess I will continue hemming and hawing.

    I enjoyed your remarks about The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap. That one charmed me as well.

    Thanks for sharing your list! I’m motivated to keep plowing towards my goal of 100 books this year. If you can make it to 200 hundred, I should be able to do half that!! 🙂


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