I Love a Good Mystery


On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe I was invited over to a friend’s house for a mexican dinner celebration with her, her husband, and her little ones (three super cute boys and the sweetest little girl). I love going over to visit with them because her boys are so articulate, smart, and adorable. Her little girl is so sweet, and has three older brothers who will do anything to protect her! She and her husband gave me some new book recommendations. I love when friends recommend books and I’m always looking for recommendations. I want to read 175 books this year (I ended last year at 167 – and was only really trying to read for about half of the year) so I need me some recommendations!

I especially love series because I love following the story of a family or a person throughout a good portion of life. I feel like you get to know a character and then I don’t want to leave them. I’ve really loved the Baxter Family by Karen Kingsburgy and Love Comes Softly by Janette Oake. I begin 2017 by re-reading those books and loved them the second time through.

This year I started a few more series that I’ve loved. Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery, the Virgil Flowers books by John Sandford, the Little House on the Prairie books, and right at the end Chief Inspector Armand Gamache by Louise Penny. I just finished the third in the series and love the mix of English and French (just a little French), the small town these murders happen in, Three Pines, and the character of Armand. He’s a strong main character who brings out the best in everyone.

The town where the murders in these first three books have taken place has also captured my heart. It feels like a place where I would live, if it wasn’t in the tundra of the great country of Canada. It’s not that I dislike Canada, I just hate all that snow.

But the town is filled with great people, sets of three pine trees, and a town square that is visible from everyone’s home. Their homes seem to be surrounding the main green space where they all gather. This latest novel takes place right around Easter. One year they begin the tradition of painting wooden eggs for the children to find. They hide these beautiful eggs all around the green space and it just sounds like such a quaint place to be. Maybe there’s a town like that in the warmer areas of the US that I can buy a house on the green in … probably wouldn’t be as friendly though. We’re not really know for how fantastically friendly we are, like our Canadian neighbors to the north are!

Off to reserve the fourth book at the library!


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