7QT Thanksgiving Edition


Since it’s still Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would write about the reasons why I am grateful this year.

1. A new little man came into my life this year who I have the privilege of being the godmother of, which is such a delight! Also he’s just super cute!

from a recent baby-sitting adventure

2. My friends all give me a window into the lives of their families by inviting me to birthday parties, Baptisms, and family events. My heart melts every time one of them calls me “Aunt Katie” and the amazing thank you notes I receive after, written from the perspective of the child have a special place on my refrigerator!

katie and henry baptism

3. I was able to travel a lot this year for work and for pleasure. My favorite place was, of course, Greece!

4. I’ve been striving to be a better sister and daughter this year with my family, and I’m grateful for my family seeming to be growing closer as well. We are even taking a week-long vacation together this summer. Oh how I love the beach!

I hope this is our view from the house!

5. I’ve tried to take on a life of adventure this year by taking advantage of the amazing places I get to visit. So I’ve enjoying time in LA, spent extra time in Texas, and been to NYC a few times!

6. I’ve been trying to start a book club this year for six years and was finally successful this year! We’ve read some really great books so far!

7. Finally I’m grateful for the privilege of another year. Taking all of the things I’ve learned this year and being able to apply them to my life, especially the amazing things I’ve learned about myself, shame, and vulnerability from Brenè Brown. They have been absolutely amazing and I cannot thank her enough for these books that have changed my life.

Joining all the great bloggers over at This Ain’t the Lyceum for this weeks quick takes.


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