7 Quick Things I Could Do With $4,495


1. I could buy 3,250 copies of one of my favorite books from this year to share with my parish at Christmas. We wouldn’t even need that many copies! Dynamic Catholic offers an amazing deal to help change the Church with their $1 Parish Book Program (see details). How life changing could this be?


2. I could fly to Portugal for my birthday, round-trip, 6 times! SIX TIMES! How amazing would just one trip be?


2. I could go on 9 $500 weekend trips in 2018 to places like Montana, the Beach, Main, Wyoming, Denver, the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Chicago, and Texas! How much fun would that be?


4. I could add some serious money to my retirement fund. Not as exciting or life changing as those other items, but now $26,000 when I’m ready to retire at a modest rate. That’s probably a year of living expenses!


5. I could (& already did this year) buy a brand new A/C unit. How “cooling” is that?


6. I could pay off my last student loan and still have money left over. How amazing to my monthly budget would that extra $400 be?


7. I could buy an entire new wardrobe! This one I could really use as in the last ten months I’ve lost twice that in pounds (that’s 20, btw). How fashionable would that be?


Why am I contemplating what to do with $4,495? Because this week I was told I could pay that amount to a matchmaker for a few first dates. I have it in my savings account, but is that how I should be spending more than half of my emergency fund? Um, no. I couldn’t. It would be so irresponsible and goes against everything I believe about money. So I’m dreaming up the amazing things I could do with that money and maybe I’ll do a few of those in 2018!

Linking up with Kelly and the gang today! Check out more SQT over there!


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